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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh, And Tweaked by Tin.


29 April 14

Jun’s fail attempt to make the child stop crying.

Posted: 9:30 AM

Bath time!

Posted: 8:29 AM

"Just let me have a break!"

Posted: 8:17 AM

"That’s not very good Tai-chan."

28 April 14

Nino’s way of comforting a kid who is crying.

Nino: Look! He quit crying, didn’t he?
How was that just now? In terms of comforting children?
Ohno: If it was a boy then it would be the best.
Aiba: Because girls don’t have pee-pees ne?

Posted: 3:43 AM

Jun: Riida’s cha-han was finally rewarded!
Nino: That means he mastered the cha-han.
Aiba: Riida’s cha-han has a lot of varieties ne.
Ohno: Tuna cha-han, nattou cha-han, vegetable cha-han.
Nino: And today’s was?
Ohno: The vegetable cha-han was rewarded!

Posted: 3:23 AM

"She kicked me in the face."

15 April 14

Jun: Okada-san, when did you enter Johnny’s?
Okada Junichi: I think in 1995.
Nino: How about Leader?
Ohno: I entered in 1994.
Nino: Sen.. Senpai?
Ohno: Okada, you’re my kouhai! What the heck?

Posted: 10:37 AM

Itou-san: Their score is 380 points!
Kokubun Taichi: You didn’t do anything, right!?
Matsuoka Masahiro: There was one who didn’t help much.
Kokubun Taichi: Why do you look that tired?
Ohno: No, no, no. I hit one can.
Itou-san: Ohno-san hit one can but didn’t that score a point.
Kokubun Taichi: You pulled them down.
Ohno: Don’t say it that way!

Posted: 10:15 AM

Kokubun Taichi: You were just going with the flow, weren’t you?
Ohno: What’s your problem!?
Aiba: He’s our senpai!